About us

The Bikiki Experience wants to give you the opportunity to visit Lake Como in a unique and enjoyable way. We want  you to be able to relax and not worry about traffic, about parking, about where to go next, and also to be able to see the top spots of our area. And the best way to do all this is with an electric fat bike.

You don’t need to be an athlete, you don’t need to wear sports gear but just comfortable clothes, and pedalling uphill won’t be a problem.

All this will be possible because our bikes are electric and pedal assisted and are particularly powerful..

You will be able to reach the best scenic spots of the Lake simply by riding a bicycle.

Your only tour guide will be our App. We will provide a smartphone with our Bikiki App. Choose which kind of tour  you prefer and  how long you want your experience to last, Bikiki App will be your personal navigation device which will guide you to your destination, showing you all the best spots along the way and points of interest selected by the Bikiki team.

How the App works


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Follow the GPS.. and ride!